Projector-Headlamp Installation Guide

1992-1997 Ford F-Series/Bronco- HID Projector Headlamps Installation Instructions

*Disclaimer* These headlights are custom assembled and sold as-is.  If you don’t feel confident installing them, please seek the assistance of a professional.  Warranty and liability information is listed at the end of this document.


Open the vehicle hood and remove the stock headlamp assemblies.  Set the stock lights aside and move on to the bixenon wire harness provided in the kit.  YOU MUST USE THIS HARNESS WITH ANY HID LIGHTING UPGRADE (picture #1). This harness has several wires that need to be connected.  Mount the relay on the header panel, there are a few pics below with sample pictures. Make sure there is enough freedom to route the wires to the high beam solenoid and HID ballasts.  There is a single connection to the positive terminal at the fuse block and two ground wires that should be screwed to the metal body near the headlight mounting area.  Connect the Blue plug to the original headlamp bulb plug.  One original headlight plug will not be used. Plug the flat connector into the HID kit’s ballast.  The connector with white and brown wires are for the high beam control solenoid and will plug into the matching connector marked “high beam” on the harness.  If you have issues with high beam functionality once completed, check to make sure the two pins on this connector are fully seated and making proper contact. Mount the HID ballasts per the provided photos and make sure you have access to them and enough wire length to plug in the HID bulbs and high beams.  Move on to the headlights and install the bulbs into the projector assembly per the attached photo collage (ref Picture #3).  Locate the bulb retaining wire clips and install after inserting the bulb into the housing with the return wire on the bulb facing down.  Ensure the bulb is seated flat and square to the rear of the projector.  DO NOT TOUCH THE BULB.  If you happen to touch it, wipe it clean with a lint free towel to remove the fingerprints.  Hold the headlight near its home and make the two bulb and one high beam plug connections.  Make connections for halos or led lights as well.  Reinstall the headlights and secure the metal levers downward until they are seated firmly.  TEST THE LIGHTS WITH THE VEHICLE RUNNING TO MAKE SURE SUFFICIENT VOLTAGE IS PRESENT.


Picture #1

Picture #2

Picture #3


At this point you should be able to turn on the headlamps and they will be working as intended with low and high beam operation.  To get the most out of the HID projector retrofit you must align the lights properly.  This should be done on flat ground with the vehicle facing a wall 25 feet away.  These lights will give a defined cutoff line.  This cutoff line helps with the tuning process.  The goal is to get the lights aligned per the image below (as borrowed from

Making these adjustments can be done with vertical and lateral adjusters on the lights.  They require a 4mm socket and may require several turns in either direction to get correctly oriented.  The inner adjuster (tall screw located near the rear of the plastic grill) handles the lateral adjustments.  Turning the screw to the right will make the light move towards the center of the car, to the left moves the light outwards.  The adjuster on the top left (passenger) and top right (driver) handles the vertical movement.  Turning the screw to the right raises the light and to the left lowers the light.  I have found it handy to keep the 4mm nut driver in the car for the first few drives as the alignment can take several attempts to get right.  Once correct, the tops of the beams should line up and your lights should be below the side view mirrors of the majority of the cars in front of you.  These adjustments can be fine tuned to your preferences.  The projectors can be rotated within the housings to align the beams flat with one another.  This can be done with a set of pliers by gently grabbing the bulb holder and rotating.  Be cautious, a tiny amount of motion makes a huge difference at 25ft.


Projector Headlamp Installation

Once complete sit back and enjoy your enhanced lighting and updated look to the front end of your truck!


Bajahid Retrofits Custom Lighting Disclaimer

Our headlights are custom assembled from individually sourced components and are intended for offroad use with no DOT approvals for the completed assemblies. We are not affiliated with the manufacturers of these parts. Defects arising from workmanship or assembly error shall be supported for a period of six months from the original date of purchase to the original purchaser only. If the error cannot be rectified after we receive the defective items, the part will be replaced with the same quality part or an equal substitute. If a better part is desired by the customer, the balance should be paid by the customer before the product is shipped. Yellowing, periodic fogging or physical degradation of the lens is not covered under warranty and is preventable with maintenance. Fogging of lenses is possible until the headlight internal environment is equalized with external conditions. Pressure washing lights directly will introduce moisture and is not covered under warranty for headlights or taillights. Electronic items are guaranteed not to be dead upon arrival to the customer. Electronic issues arising after the installation will be handled on a case by case basis. Warranty items will require photo documentation and return shipping will be sent Ground unless the customer wants to upgrade to a quicker service. All liability associated with the sold product fall solely on the purchaser. We are not responsible for items installed incorrectly or broken at the time of the installation. Any and all ill-effects of incorrectly installed product are the responsibility of the customer or contracted installer. If a product is received damaged, it is the customer’s responsibility to notify us of this damage with visual references within 72 hours of receipt. Any product returned to us shall be covered by the customer. Product can be returned within 72 hours of receipt for full refund if it has not been installed on the vehicle, modified or damaged in any way. Returns are to be cleared with us before sending and will be given a return number that should be clearly printed on the package. Refunds will only be granted once the product has been inspected for condition upon receipt and deemed brand new. We reserve the right to use photographs of the product for marketing purposes as well as any installed images released by the customer and agreed by both parties. Any issues with the product should be communicated with us first before going public so we have a proper chance to help correct the problem. It is the responsibility of International customers to pay all duties and fees associated with clearing customs regardless of the shipping services used.